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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kettlebell?

A kettlebell comes in different weights and looks like a cannonball with a thick, sausage-like handle. Used by strong men for over a century to develop raw explosive strength and defined bodies, the kettlebell is an all-purpose, hand-held gym.

Is Kettlebell training dangerous?

NO! Not if you train with a certified and experienced instructor. Hardstyle kettlebell training approaches strength training as a skill. Perfection of technique and safety are emphasized above all else, drastically minimizing the risk of injury. The goal of training is not only to develop strength, but also to create a functional body. What good are big muscles if the cost of achieving them is bad joints, strained muscles and walking like a 90 year old man?! Throughout training we strive to achieve a flexible spine, open hips, long neck, and perfect posture. The results are a healthy back and a strong, lean body.

Will Kettlebells make me to bulky?

Kettlebells have an interesting effect on the body . According to a study of Russian athletes by Voropayev (1997), 21.2% of subjects increased body weight after taking up kettlebells, and 21.2% lost weight. Kettlebells are a powerful way of fixing ones body composition in the way it needs to be fixed. People who just can't seem to build muscle see amazing changes in their bodies through kettlebells ­ while others who have struggled for years to lose excess weight find that it almost melts away.

Is Kettlebell training expensive?

No! Kettlebell training compares favorably with the high cost of gym membership, those expensive running shoes that need replacing every few months -- and all that training equipment and accessories that fail to deliver positive results. Not to mention the cost of regular visits to your chiropractor or doctor due to injuries from improper training. Your kettlebell lasts a lifetime and allows you to train at home, at work or almost anywhere. It truly is the all-in-one tool for ultimate strength and conditioning. Pick up a kettlebell for strength, flexibility and cardio training that's safe, effective and never boring.