Tai Chi





Anton Summers

      At 23 years of age, Anton Summers already brings a wealth of martial arts experience and expertise to his work as a trainer.  Anton began his martial arts training at the Rickson Gracie Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Academy when he was eleven years old.  At 15, after trying out some other martial arts, he began intensive study at the school of legendary Hapkido Grand Master Bong Soo Han, senior student of Hapkido's founder.  Anton was the final student to receive private instruction from Grand Master Han and earned his black belt in 2007, shortly after the Grand Master's death.  He has been an instructor of the Junior Program at the Bong Soo Han Academy, and he continues to apply Grand Master Han's teachings in his training and throughout his life.

      It was also at age 15 that Anton met Sifu Mark Cheng ­ Doctor of Chinese medicine, Team Leader of Pavel Tsatsouline's Russian Kettlebells Program and founder of Kettlebells Los Angeles (KBLA), staff under fitness guru Gray Cook (inventor of the Functional Movement Screen), master of several martial arts and martial arts author and researcher.  Anton began studying Tai Chi with Dr. Cheng who quickly took him under his wing and began a program of instruction and mentoring that continues to this day.  Anton's intensive study with Dr. Cheng has included training in Yang styleTai Chi, Tai Chi sword, push hands and applications, Fut Ga empty hand and weapons, and Combat Shuai Jiao ­ an art in which Anton is working to achieve his second black belt.  Anton has taught Tai Chi at the Rand Institute and at Spectrum Club and is substitute teacher for Dr. Cheng's Clover Park Tai Chi group.

      Dr. Cheng also introduced Anton to Russian Kettlebell pioneer and phenomenon Pavel Tsatsouline. Anton had the honor and immense good fortune of training on a weekly basis with Mr. Tsatsouline and Dr. Cheng to learn the hard-style Russian Kettlebell system.  Anton earned the coveted Russian Kettlebell Certification in 2007 and has since assisted at RKC certifications in St. Paul, Minnesota and at Camp Pendleton.  He continues to train with Dr. Cheng as part of Kettlebells Los Angeles (KBLA) and teaches privately as well as offering a twice-weekly group kettlebells class in Santa Monica.

      Anton has studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Prof. Roy Harris in San Diego. He has also attained a basic instructor level under Col. Nattapong in the Thai art of Krabi-Krabong and trained Sambo under Dr. Vadim Kolganov.