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10/10 Careful, Patient, Focused, and Effective! By Kevin / Santa Monica, CA USA
I recently took my first kettlebell lessons from Anton. I was impressed from the start: when I inquired about his group classes, he emailed back that he liked to do one or two private sessions with clients (for the same price as the group class), in order to get the basics down and emphasize proper form. Other instructors will take you right into group work, but Anton emphasizes developing a correct foundation from the very start--BEFORE you lift your first bell--and the only way to do that is one-on-one. His training style is low-key, very precise, encouraging, and focused on both safety and good technique. He is also careful to explain the rationale behind the form, so you always understand why the form matters, and how proper form translates into strength. He's young, energetic, and a skilled communicator--and is very good at identifying where you are in your skills, and tailoring his approach to fit the student. I had a great time, and he really got me fired up to continue with kettlebells. Highly recommended. A++++

10/10 Talented instructor, highest recommendation By Patrick Dominguez / Los Angeles, USA
Excellent instructor. His awesome knowledge of kettlebell technique is only matched by his completely laid back attitude and friendly demeanor. I've been able to fine tune my KB skills thanks to him. Really look forward to every session and many more. This guy is the real deal.

10/10 Unique, Top Level Trainer By Meredith Locher, MA, CH - Master Hypnotherapist / Los Angeles, CA
At one time, I was a fitness trainer myself and I have trained with many trainers in many different disciplines and I have to say training with Anton was a totally unique and wholistically beneficial experience. Not only is he prompt, professional, a really good person and a pleasure to be around, he is extrememly knowedgeable and he creates results in the body fast. I noticed a significant difference in my body and overall strength after only a few sessions. I will continue to train with Anton to take my body to the next level and really look forward to joining his classes.

10/10 Confidence Builder. By Juliet S. / Los Angeles
After our first meeting, I was hooked on the kettle bells because Anton gave me the confidence that I can do the exercises safely. He has the attributes of an effective instructor. His verbal instructions are simple, clear and precise. He has the ability to "breakdown" a movement so it is easily understood and properly done by the student. The regular emphases on proper technique is expressed with much encouragement and patience. One or two new exercises are introduced in every session along with refining and building on already learned movements. He seems to know how to increase the challenge without overwhelming the student. I appreciate his attentiveness to details. He works to improve the "weaknesses" over time. Within a short period, I noticed that I could swing or dead lift- yes even clean or snatch heavier kbs with minimum effort by employing correct body mechanics, breathing and "happy" face. I am very pleased with this progress since I was out of shape when I began. At the time of this review, I just completed my tenth session. In addition to his adeptness especially with teaching beginners, he is dependable, prompt esp. in returning messages, friendly, and professional. Thank you Anton. You are a blessing.

10/10 Train Your Body and Your Brain By Joseph Starr / Pitkin, CO
Anton has all the qualities of an excellent teacher. He has a rare knack for intuiting his students' "need to know" quotient, which means he'll provide as little or as much explanation/information as the individual student requires. Anton's powers of perception thus result in a customized lesson for all students, whether the venue is private or group instruction. His extensive knowledge of body mechanics, his comprehensive martial arts background, and his excellent instincts for functional movement and strength provide the Yin to the Yang of his great interpersonal skills. I recommend him most highly.

10/10 Excellent introduction to kettle bells By Ken Starr / Tucson, Arizona USA
I just completed a wonderful two-day seminar with Anton. As a complete newcomer to kettle bells I was concerned that I just wouldn't be able to do it or it would be too physically punishing. Anton's approach gave me not only a broad exposure to a wide range of exercises, with comment and instruction to get me in proper form, but also taught stretches and posture drills to complement the new body positions of the kettle bell training. He is both a master of the kettle bell discipline and a patient and detail oriented teacher. I learned a great deal in a short time in a totally new exercise realm and the physical result was an overall invigorated and proper posture feeling. Anton's professionalism and style of teaching made the entire experience both rigorous and a pleasure at the same time. It was the best training experience I have ever had.

10/10 A Martial Artist's Martial Artist and Superb Trainer! By Sandy Brody / Los Angeles, CA USA
I have worked with several trainers in my life. Granted the success of a learning relationship between a trainer and his student can be contingent upon a myriad of variables I can say that without a doubt Anton is probably one of the best (if not the best) trainer with whom I have ever learned under. The first thing that strikes you about Anton is his welcoming and cheery demeanor. I feel comfortable and able to focus when I am working with Anton. Anton is even more amazing because he is able to couple his fantastic approach toward people with a determined and firm work ethic. Anton will give you the straight facts and he has always provided me with useful advice as I walk the path of a kettlebell user. His training regimens deftly walk the fine line between rigorous and overkill that many other trainers can often fail to balance. This is due to the fact that Anton truly cares about his students and is both vigilant and an active listener. I never feel burnt out after a session with Anton and I never bonk (low blood sugar) as I have in the past while working with other trainers. As a martial artist, I also greatly respect Anton for the artist that he is and the great care and consideration his knowledge adds to our training sessions. Anton understands the martial artist's needs and can draw illustrative comparisons between the martial arts and kettlebells to provide students with detailed and easily understood lessons for working with the kettlebell. Anton, more importantly, is a huge proponent of form. This is crucial. If you have ever done a kettlebell swing incorrectly you will know how important it is to avoid doing so. Anton has a keen eye for detail is able to deliver training instruction on the fly so the training session never skips a beat. The quality of Anton's instruction is top notch and is matched by his enthusiastic, can-do attitude.

10/10 Simply THE Best! By Audrey Evans, RKC / Los Angeles, CA
Anton has so many wonderful qualities as a kettlebell instructor, I almost don't know where to begin. His wealth of knowledge regarding anatomy and human movement is very impressive. He doesn't just tell you what to do, he explains why he wants you to do something. His skills as a teacher and practitioner are equally impressive. He's strong and his technique is seamless. However, his greatest skill lies in his ability to get through to people. I'm old enough to be his mother yet he created instant rapport with me. I immediately felt comfortable and ready to try and listen to anything he suggested. I'm an RKC Instructor myself, but working with Anton has shown me there's so much more to learn and I'm loving the process! I can't recommend him highly enough.

9/10 Cant go wrong with Anton By Antwan Martin / New York, New York
Had the oppotunity to work with Anton over the past summer on a trip to Los Angeles and he helped my swing progress tremendously. Highly Reccomended.

10/10 Awesome instructor! By Matt / London
I had the opportunity to train with Anton while visiting Los Angeles. His ability to perfect your technique, his knowledge of kettlebells and of general body mechanics and his patience made training with Anton a extremely pleasant and valuable experience. I was able to improve my technique in no time with some great tips. I highly recommend him as an instructor. My only regret is not living in LA to train more with Anton!

10/10 What can be said that hasn't already been said By Joe Chalakee, RKC / Torrance CA
I met Anton at KBLA when I started my kettlebell journey with Dr Cheng. I can say I have had the pleasure working out with him, and him teaching me. As RKC myself I don't everything Anton is very knowledgeable when it comes to teaching kettlebells. I don't go to him just to train, but to learn. He knows the importance of have his students learn the correct ways when training with kettlebells and he passes that along. If you are looking to train with kettlebells make sure you train with this young man, you will not be disappointed. Even a RKC needs to train!

10/10 Great motivator and communicator! By Logan Allin / Los Angeles, CA
Anton is a phenomenal instructor for kettlebell training, he adjusts to your current capabilities and is able to quickly bring you up the learning curve while giving you a great work out. He mixes it up a great deal and gives you a dynamic and fun work out, I have seen great improvements under his guidance. Thanks again Anton, see you soon!

10/10 Excellent Instructor By Doug Robertson / Los Angeles, CA
Anton is an exceptional instructor, with a very low-key and affable demeanor. He's clearly passionate about his work, and has a good, sensible, and safe attitude to training. One of my pet peeves is needless training injuries, and it's clear that Anton is one of those rare trainers who can push a good workout, while staying within the student's abilities. If you get the chance to work with him, I would urge you to take it.

10/10 You can expect rapid improvement By John Neil Conkle / Santa Monica, CA
Anton is a great instructor, period. I have learned so many new skills using kettlebells, and most are applicable to traditional barbell, dumbbell, and body weight exercises as well. If you have any reservations about exercise or are a beginner, he is your go-to-guy. He is an excellent teacher, and that's just as important as knowledge or certifications. I brought along a friend who had never tried (or heard of) kettlebells before attending the class, and he was able to perform deadlifts, swings, and Turkish Getups by the end of the class. Anton instantly makes you feel comfortable and helps you to improve form, or to learn new exercises, faster than any instructor I have had in the past. Whether you are looking to improve another sport or activity, such as martial arts or weight-lifting, or you are looking for a stand-alone exercise experience (all, I might add, without strapping on running shoes), then Anton is your man. I'd highly recommend attending the Santa Monica class. -John

10/10 I recommend Anton Summers!!!! By Bernie / Los Angeles, CA
It is with great pleasure and sincerity to offer the highest recommendation to Anton Summers. I learned so much from him. Anton designs programs to fit your personal needs and I found him to be extremely enthusiastic and patient. If you are looking for a dependable and honest training master, Anton is your man! Thank you, Anton!!!

10/10 The perfect instructor! By Layla LaPietra / Los Angeles, California
Anton is a natural at teaching which makes training with him enjoyable and effective. He pays careful attention to you as you train and gives easy to understand instruction that results in instant improvement. He works within your limits while challenging you at the same time. I have never worked with a trainer that I felt had as much knowledge about anatomy and fitness as Anton. Anton has the total package - great teaching skills, vast knowledge, patience, and he is a pleasure to be around. I would strongly recommend him as an instructor for anyone wishing to conquer the kettle bells!

10/10 Incredible instructor By Kiyoshi Earley / Covina, CA
Anton is a fantastic instructor. He breaks down the moves piece by piece with an attention to detail that would make a needlepoint expert blush. He really can spot small problems in your form and help you fix them using good analogies and positive reinforcement. An excellent RKC and I would hope to be taught like that in the future. Thanks Anton.

10/10 Great instructor! By Jay / Seattle, WA
I travel to LA quite a bit for business and was looking for kettlebell instruction while I was down there. Through this website, I found Kettlebells LA. Since I was starting out, Anton made sure to emphasize fundamentals which really helped. A great instructor!

10/10 A Synchronistic Approach to Kettlebell Training By Spencer Starr / Los Angeles, CA
Anton Summers has the rare gift of being able to impart a tremendous amount of knowledge, clearly and concisely without overwhelming the student. And, he manages to giftwrap all of this in the bow of being one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I'm aware this will sound hokey, but watching Anton dissect a movement pattern, e.g. The Turkish Get-Up, is poetry. He is remarkably adept at describing AND showing simultaneously what is required of the movement, and common problems to avoid. Though much of his knowledge is RKC based, I'm certain he borrows heavily from his training in Ju-Jitsu, Hapkido, Tai Chi, Fut Ga, Shuai Jiao, among others. His foundation in martial arts coupled with his passion for teaching Kettlebells makes him an ideal instructor one with whom I will continue to train for the foreseeable future. Thanks Anton.

10/10 Skill, Knowledge and Practice: Amazing KB Instructor By Rachel H / Los Angeles, CA USA
Anton is a brilliant instructor. He has a comprehensive knowledge of body mechanics and exercise. His background in martial arts serves him well, as he has perfect form and understands the concepts behind every movement. His intent stare as he watches you makes it seem as though he is looking right through the outer layers and watching the movement of muscle and bone below. He can detect the slightest error in form and help you correct it with a variety of tips and suggestions that demonstrate his experience and natural talent. He is focused and has a naturally commanding presence, but he is still a sweet, friendly and completely supportive young man. In the several months that I have been fortunate enough to train with Anton, I have had such amazing improvement in practice of kettlebells. Anton is always ready to answer a question or explore a problem or help you reach your next goal. I have the greatest respect and admiration for him.

10/10 Anton is an excellent instructor with a eye for detail that helps you reach your potential By JonoG / Los angeles, CA
Anton is a great training instructor for kettlebells and martial arts. I started working with him only a few months ago and my skills and strength have improved greatly. I have used the technique and strength i have gained from training with anton to increase my ability to preform in martial arts and wrestling. Anton is a great trainer and I recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer to have patience and help them improve.

10/10 Super Knowledgeable By JanetM / Marina del Rey, CA
I just started training with the KBLA group a few months ago and have been really pleased with the quality of instruction I've received from Anton. He is SUPER knowledgeable and always gives me great feedback to help me improve my form. I love that I am able to learn and take away something new after every class with him. Thanks so much, Anton!

10/10 One of the Best By Dennis Nakaji / Rialto, California
I had the good fortune to hook up with the KBLA group and was assigned to RKC Anton Summer. Anton is an excellent instructor, with a complete mastery of Hard Style Kettlebell training. His ability to convey his knowledge, zero in on my mistakes, and instruct me on the necessary corrections was uncanny. One of the absolute best instructors I ever worked with and would highly recommend him.

10/10 Highly Efficient & Safe Training! By Ron Jones, MS, Corporate Wellcoach / Santa Clarita, CA
I've had the honor and benefit of being Anton's student at the KBLA Line Up. His teaching is nothing short of highly efficient and extremely safe. As a corporate Wellcoach, the risk management while using kettlebell training is critical. The instruction must be safe, accurate, and right on--or simply put--HARD style. I trust Anton with any and all of my clients, friends, and family. I recommend him without reservation whether it be on the deck at KBLA or with his own private business. Thanks so much Anton. You have made my training so much better. My RKC preparation will greatly benefit too!

10/10 Excellent Instructor By Dave Bornstein / Los Angeles, CA USA
Anton combines the ability to describe the technique and function of each movement with a great deal of patience. His low key approach makes a novice feel competent and encourages more experienced students to challenge their limits. While low key, he is very concientious about his students maintaining proper form and safe practices.

10/10 Knowledge + patience By Jeff Carter / Venice, CA
Thanks again for the quality instruction! I appreciated Anton's knowledge, thoroughness, and most of all patience. He was able to walk me through each step as many times as necessary, varying the demonstrations and reinforcing the information until it stuck. Thanks for taking time with a slow learner, I feel much more confident about the basics I will need to apply going forward.

10/10 Anton is a dream to train with!! By Aldo LaPietra / Brentwood, CA
I have had many trainers. Anton is by far the best and an absolute master at his craft. He has made it so easy to learn and accomplish the task at hand. I love his dedication and passion for Kettlebell's.- Anton Thanks buddy.

10/10 This guy can teach. By Nikki Shlosser / Santa Monica, CA
Anton is a terrific instructor. He picks up on subtle details, and has a subperb approach when giving correction. He is deceptively strong, and displays his strength with true Hard Style precision. Plus, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more easy going personality - Anton, I'm so glad you assisted at my RKC! What would I have done without you? :)

10/10 Fantastic Kettlebell Instructor By Michael / Ocala, Florida
Anton is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and capable. It is amazing how much I learned in a single hour. His passion for teaching, coupled with his friendly demeanor, makes him an ideal instructor for anyone looking to learn or improve their KB skills.

10/10 By Jake / Los Angeles, CA
Anton is a really good instructor and an all around nice guy. He explains all the techniques in a clear, easy to understand manner. The workout seems easy at the time but you'll be feeling it the next day in muscles you never knew you had.

10/10 Great kettlebell instructor
By Spiros Stamatopoulos / Los Angeles, CA USA Anton pushes you to the limit and gives a great kettlebell workout that is most importantly safe. He explains proper technique clearly and teaches with passion. He has helped me with my martial arts training by imporving my strength, cordination and conditioning. I would recommend Anton Summers for anyone who is interested in learning kettlebells or inhancing their skills.